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Beam Me Up #335 Skull Island – Bart Meehan + The Last line – Kevin Pickett



You know that Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times….Think about it… and know that is what this weekend’s time in the studio was like!

But through adversity comes greatness?….I can not believed I just typed that! lol! Really did manage to get a show out that I feel is quick and interesting.

This week, Episode #335 – I start with a bit of fluff, from the anime series Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, I play the closing music called “Hello” by Megumi Nakajima. It is fun and sets the mood really well for the rest of the afternoon.

Next a fun piece from Bart Meehan “Welcome to Skull Island” A bit of alternative timeline story in which Kong is real and resides on of course Skull Island in a very Juassic  abode.  Mix in a petulant five year old and you have a recipe for discomfort! lol

Star Trek trivia is next on the roll with two new questions.  Lets’ go people.  I have had no solves in 3 programs!  What’s up with that Trekkies?

Three great articles from Earth Sky are on tap!  From sun diving comets to sailing lakes of liquid methane!

A few quick items from the blog and then off to the next short story.  This week’s ending is “The Last line” by Kevin Pickett.  Kevin’s story combines the pain of unendurable loss with a most inventive healing process!

And surprise!  It is not the end of the program, because Xnewsman stopped by to talk about a statement by Leon Panetta concerning the lack of cyber security in the United State, and such a lapse could lead to an attack that would be more devastating than Pearl Harbor!  Shocking stuff indeed!

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