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Beam Me Up # 482 stories by Anderson + Tobias


Harris Tobias

Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 482. This week I start by playing a song selection, after which I read Harris Tobias’ the Word Maker. From there I head over to the Beam Me Up blog to read some of the most recent articles.

 Finally, in my “flash from the past” segment, I play part 3 of Poul Anderson’s story Inside Earth.

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Beam Me Up # 395 All or Nothing – Fulda + A Wondrous Gift con – Turnbull

Nancy Fulda

Nancy Fulda






Well the Beam Me Up program made it to 395 without much of a hitch…But no matter what.. Ha!

This week, the show seems to bounce along and made a pretty fair showing if I do say so myself…..

After my opening comments I start off with a piece of fine pop rock that is the closing theme to Bubblegum Chrisis.  Which I follow up with the conclusion to Doug Turnbull’s A Wunderous Gift.

Next I find some excellent Twilight Zone trivia.

From the blog, Using Water to burn solid waste. In the 60s the Navy wanted an Iron Man exo-skeleton and you will never guess who they asked! Orbital Sciences  Cygnus  delivery vehicle successfully delivered it’s cargo to ISS.  Virgin’s suborbital spacecraft has had a successful second burn.   NASA shows off concept artwork of the SLS heavy lifting rocket. NASA wants to get the go ahead for visiting one of the weirdest asteriods in the belt.

The final story of the afternoon is Nancy Fulda’s All or nothing.



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Beam Me Up #303 Movement pt2 – Fulda + Freedom Day – T.Fox Dunham


Nancy Fulda




Strange and creepy are the cornerstones of this week’s Beam Me Up broadcast. I start off first with T. Fox Dunham’s spin on a well worn science fiction theme. I read his “Freedom Day” Where a long lost space traveler only to find humans enslaved by mechanical overlords. Upon freeing the oppressed human race our stalwart traveler garners a reward that was far beyond anything he could have imagined.

Next from Earth Sky – news on the VLA telescope soon to be fully operational in Chile called Alma and feathers caught in ancient tree sap helps demonstrate that early flightless dinosaurs and ancient birds both used feathers but for varying purposes.

From there I head over to the Beam Me Up blog to discover that dinosaurs themselves were plagued by fleas just as much as modern animals, but these were no ordinary fleas! Next I review the blu-ray Batman: year one which follows the genesis of the Batman mystique from the comic book history time line, Hubble has detected a gas cloud thought to be the precursor to a supernova that could happen at any moment, Some voice over actors find it difficult to drop their assumed personas once the project is finished. Watch Ben Shelton’s web series The Daly Show – I have a link and the mentioned video – funny just can not describe it! The most distant object in the visible universe had been discovered. Light from the GRB has been traveling to us for 13.2 billion years, that makes it 96% of the age of the Universe itself. I find another Darwin hopeful….this brain trust is not to be believed! And finally from the blog comes one of the most disturbing ideas yet to improve on meat production. You will not believe your ears!

And finally part two of Nancy Fulda’s story Movement which is up for the Nebula this year in the short story department. Good Luck Nancy!

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Beam Me Up #276 Stars Fell p3 – Keith Latch



Keith Latch



I start episode 276 off with the closing theme music to Requiem for the Dark called The Flame. For those of you familiar with the anime series you will appreciate the complete version of the song.

Stories this week are the continuation of Keith Latch’s “The Stars Fell”. This week is part 3 and Keenan finds that not only did the strange meteor he discovered in his family’s field not only rendered him unconscious, but something ever so much more strange and confusing! However the first story is a wicked tongue in cheek (if I dare say so) story from the early pen of Philip K. Dick – “The Eyes Have it” where our protagonist has either found a description of the invasion of Earth by the most unusual creatures to date, or the gent is taking the written language far to literally!

From the Beam Me Up blog I review the movie based on Philip K. Dick’s Adjustment Team called “The Adjustment Bureau”, The 2011 Hugo Awards are out and I list a few of the winners, clever short films abound on YouTube, the first one I found this week was the Tron Duck Tape short, which is more a commercial for Duck Tape, but it’s nothing if not clever, Robonaut is turning out to be a Robo Not, my gripe this week is that robo hobo is turning into nothing more than an expensive toy. The Russians it would seem are looking to build a tunnel under the Bering Strait and at 65billion they are looking for investors, USA included… Fans of Portal will enjoy this fan made Portal short movie that is astoundingly well made! Nancy Fulda has sent us a note on her newest book of short stories and Russian Progress m-12m crashes in Siberia with three tons of supplies for the ISS – this could cause the station to reconsider a lot of options!

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Beam Me Up # 250 Stories by Nancy Fulda + David Steffen


Beam Me Up episode 250! Two great stories in the works this week! I start the program with a new story from David Steffen called The Utility of Love. This is David’s clever retelling of the Wizard of Oz mythos. Gone are the movie trappings of a fantasy trip down the yellow brick road. No, David’s tale is gritty and dark. Some of the main characters are demonstrably self serving. Part one introduces us to Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, Munchkins and a decidedly dead witch.

I end this week’s program with the conclusion to Nancy Fulda’s Knowing Neither Kith Nor Kin. Nancy’s main character is on a journey of discovery on so many levels. Many are answered in the shocking conclusion to this well thought out and excellently written short story.

From the blog, More proof that Earth once had a Mars sized companion? Sotherby’s to auction off the Vostok 3ka-2, Why did we fail to return to the Moon after Apollo 17? This faux documentary Apollo 18 supplies some horrific possibilities. See the trailer on Beam Me Up’s blog, Every had one of those days when nature calls, once to often and you just can’t make the facilities in time? Our hero Captain Awesome is having one of those days.., did you know our favorite undersea, pineapple living sponge is in fact an unstoppable killing machine? Yep, Sponge Bob Terminator. From the twisted mind of Rack911 is this chilling lego creation…lol, Schizofedric is a short film by Andy Poyiadgi. Frederic is having a bad day, a bad life in fact. An online ad offers trans dimensional therapy…..and the weirdness commences. The Science Fiction Writers of America announce their 2010 nominees for the Nebula award! And Madhouse Animation will release an anime version of the X Men later this year!

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Beam Me Up #249 Knowing Neither Kith_pt2…Nancy Fulda


Beam Me Up episode 249!  This week we continue with part two of Nancy Fulda’s “Knowing Neither Kith….”  The tension begins to really build as a mysterious evil preys on kith and kin alike. It looks as though evil will once again be freed to destroy the people.  The obligation to save everyone falls on a reluctant outcast with little interest in saving the very people who have rejected her in the past….  She has said that she would not go fight,  to save anyone… sometimes though  our most difficult choices are not ours to make.

From the Beam Me Up blog:  I review the straight to DVD animated movie Green Lantern first flight, Firefly is back on the small screen, is the Star Trek tricorder a real possibility?, what will long term deep space travel look like?,

Plus the internet sensation Meekagirl and her new video Star Trek Girl

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