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Beam Me Up #270 #14 of Dark Inspectre – Jason Kahn + Paid pt 2 – Deanna Knippling






This week on episode 270 of Beam Me Up episode 14 of Jason Kahn’s Dark Inspectre.  Our intrepid detective is framed for a grisly murder.  Which means he is getting close, but before he can prove his innocence  he might find himself dead instead.

Oddcube joins us once again for his unusual brand of reviews –  This week Dungeon Seige is the unfortunate target of his unusual utterances.

From the blog I review the movie Spirit, the review might be of some use, the movie sure wasn’t.
Scientists build a time cloak?  The 2010 Locus awards are in!  Dawn meets Vesta.  Check out a 360 VR view interactive of the Shuttle flight deck.  astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson  along with Neil Armstrong and John Glenn spank NASA.  First time ever a comet has been photographed plowing into the sun.  And did you know that the Buran was built to drop bombs?!!!

I close with part 2 of Paid by Deanna Knippling.  You will not believe how time is handled in this wildly weird tale.  And the bad guy?  even weirder!

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Beam Me Up #260 Heretics Son con – Fox Dunham + OddCube!



Welcome to this week’s episode of Beam Me Up.  This week is episode 260.  I start off with music from the Sacramento State Jazz Singers as they do an  a-capella version of the Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica “All Along the Watch tower”  It is an impressive version of this complex song.  To lighten things up, Odd cube once again joins the fray and reviews Mister Destiny as only Odd Cube can.

This week from the blog, SETI has lost it’s 2.5 million budget and I put it into perspective with the cost of some of the countries and the DOD’s pet projects,  You too can take a trip around the moon in a Soyuz  capsule, all it takes is 150 million dollars,  Antipodean has a new issue, Richard Branson is not the only game in town when it comes to diving to the deepest place in Earth’s oceans, The NASA Messenger probe is sending back great pictures, but one of them has something strange on it.

And this week’s story is part two of Fox Dunham’s The Heretic’s  Son, the ship is an ancient generation ship and it is  wearing out.   The prophet   needs to come soon to guide the people to nu ome.  Cody is sick and near death and nothing seems to make sense.  Join us for the conclusion of one of the most engaging stories we have had in a while.

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Beam Me Up #239 Oddcube + Red-Robot pt2 – Davies


Beam Me Up episode 239 moves fast this week, so buckle in!  After a bit of foolishness, we bring in Oddcube for a serious….(oddcube?) review of Thongor Against the Gods by Lin Carter.  At the bottom of the hour, we revisit Colin P. Davis’ PestWorld universe for the second episode of Red Robot.  I hope you are enjoying this story arc as much as I am!

From the Beam Me Up blog at I review the Blu-ray of Eureka 7 Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers.  This is a, for all intents and purposes, a reboot of the Eureka 7 Renton / Eureka story universe.  Even though many of the characters are recognizable, their back story is very different, including those of Renton and Eureka.

I also have enough time to mention the launch and re-entry of Dragon supply module launched aboard the Falcon 9 launch vehicle by Space X.  This puts Space X in very exclusive company indeed!  A company of one as Space X is the first commercial launch company that has sucessfully re-entered a spacecraft from orbit.

Stories that did not make this week’s program was a flyby of Saturn’s moon Hyperion by the Cassini explorer.  I have a short video, made from stills from the probe which shows the moon’s rotational characteristics, and they are some of the most chaotic I can remember ever seeing short of a special effects movie.  Something you just have to see to get the whole comedic impact is the short film that is a tongue in cheek post apocalyptic survival guide called “Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse”

Short on description, long on entertainment…I crack myself up….

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Beam Me Up #234 Falling – Ben Rosenbaum + Oddcube!


It’s episode 234 of Beam Me Up. Our first episode of November! Being that it IS a brand new month, it’s time once again for a visit from our resident reviewer Oddcube! This month Oddcube reviews those movie serials of yore “the Phantom Empire” Oddcube manages to pull a couple of rabbits out of his hat with this article.

From the Beam Me Up Blog at – Deep Impact probe better known now as DIXI makes history as one of only five times in the history of the space program that a space craft flew close enough to take pictures of a comet’s core. Fantastic pictures emerged from the craft but what irked me was AP putting their byline on them. Pretty big pair in my book. From the IO9 blog a funny animated short, LEGO Star Wars Trilogy where LEGO figures and blocks to lampoon Star Wars with of all characters – Jar Jar. Here he is a hapless janitor with hilarious results! A new eye implant may mean regained sight for suffers of retinal dystrophy. Already early tests have proven spectacularly successful. Humanoid robots abound but the Actroid-F developed by Osaka University has to be one of the most lifelike to date. First developed in 2003, the newer models are able to emulate human expression to such a degree as to be unsettling. Early research into great ape intelligence may have been fundamentally flawed and the results skewed towards human intelligence by researchers who disregarded the fundamental importance of familial contact in the formative stages of development. Psychologists at the UK’s University of Portsmouth hope that new research will fix the errors of earlier researchers. Ever wonder where those weird bumps on Adult Swim come from? Well according to this post in IO9 they arise from electronic musician Flying Lotus. Check out the robot on robot apocalypse titled Kill your co-workers! And Robonaut R2 is on it’s way to the RSS. The 300 pound R2 unit s just the upper half of a complete system, however with two arms and two five finger hands, it is very well suited for space operations. With an infra-red camera and four normal light cameras in its head combined with 350 sensors in its’ body it will be able to take on tasks that the heavy duty Canadian and Japanese arms are not well suited for.

And many thanks to author Ben Rosenbaum for letting us read his very fine story Falling. In a future where all residents are safe and protected from even the slightest harm, to step outside that protective barrier is paramount to being an outcast or a pariah

This great story and other zaniness…This week on Beam Me Up

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Beam Me Up # 229 pt2 Lucky bye AC Ellis + Oddcube


Beam Me Up episode 229 moves so fast this week that it, well I was going to say that it took my breath away, but even I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one!

I open this week with a review, of the Dark Shadows tv episodes dvd,  by our resident mad man Oddcube.   OC even manages to scoop me on some of the trivia from the show and I was a huge fan during the early seventies.

I end the program this week with part two of A.C. Ellis’ Lucky.  As you know from last week’s beginning of this strange near future tale, our protagonist Lucky is our man about town as far as town being an interment camp for genetic deviants.  Life is hard but bearable, but more people are coming in and tension is building.  In part two Lucky finds out just how bad things are and begins to see just how bad future society is becoming.  Lucky finds out that even someone with nothing to lose still has much more to lose.

From the Blog:  Antipodean editor Ion writes to tell us that issue 148 of the online Aussie flash fiction magazine is now available,

George Lucas’ – Lucasfilm is going to convert all six “Star Wars” films into 3D format. George plans on starting with The Phantom menace and then release another film once a year until the whole series is complete,

Astronomers, first time, have spotted a planet that circles a star called Gliese 581.  This planet is the first to be uncovered that orbits its’ primary in the “life” zone.

Artist Matthew Mazzotta’s installation in a Cambridge MA dog park called the “Park Spark” with hopes that it  will get people thinking about not wasting waste.  Two 500 gallon waste tanks connected to a gasification system to light a nearby gas light.

Richard Branson has gone on record recently as saying that Virgin Galactic is on track to offer commercial space travel within 18 months,

Lost in Australian archives for many years and badly damaged –  rediscovered footage of the Apollo Eleven Moon Landing may be the “best quality of Armstrong descending the ladder” on the Luna Excursion Module.

Of course like always, there never seems to be enough time to get to everything in the blog.  I will try to get to it next week, but if you are interested, you might want to jump over to the blog at

Here is a short of some of the new material that I couldn’t get to:

CyberWizard uploads a cute short animated film titled “ Oxygen – like you’ve never even considered it!

“Wonder Woman might return to the small screen – the big screen version it would seem has become a none issue.

And does driving fast really slow down time? Quite possibly.

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