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Beam Me Up #257 Infall pt2 Ted Kosmatka – & Death and what comes Next – Terry Pratchett



Episode 257 of Beam Me Up!  Well for us it was a cold and damp day, so what better story to open with this week?  With a story about bargaining with death that is what!  Hey yeah!  I open with a wry tale from Terry Pratchett called Death and what comes Next, where a mathematician tries to wrangle out of dying using physics on Death!

Before  I go to the conclusion of  Ted Kosmatka’s story I spend a few moments in the Beam Me Up Blog:  William Shatner narrates a tribute to the shuttle program for NASA.  Then, have you seen who get a shuttle after the program comes to an end?  Well a place that you would have thought was a shoe in isn’t even in the running and it will floor you!  Brent Spiner as you never seen him before (funny) in the first two episodes of Fresh Hell!    Wanna hears something that will make you all gooey inside? Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter has been hired to write the script based on one of my all time favorite series!  Oh and you will not believe who your relatives are…I mean, you REALLY won’t!  Astronomers have uncovered evidence that seems to point out that galaxies were formed much much earlier than ever expected!  That and more from this week’s blog entries.

This week’s second story is the conclusion to Infall by Ted Kosmatka  where we finally find out just exactly what faces our two combatants as the draw closer and closer to the event horizon of their destination, a monstrously huge and vastly ancient, black hole.  The ending is one that is truly unexpected!



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Beam Me Up # 256 InFall p1 Ted Kosmatka – Dark InSpector – Jason Kahn



This week in episode 256 of Beam Me Up I start with a fast paced piece of music from Yu Kobiachi called Fight or Flight.  This is the closing theme music for the anime series Dragonauts which is not really all that bad of a series.  The “Dragons” are alive, but they are almost like living fightercraft with pilots which bond with them.  It gets complicated, but has it’s moments.

From the blog this week, a film that shows some very unusual activity around the April fifth launch of Soyuz.  I am leaning well to the FAKE! side, but it could be something much more dangerous.  If so, then many more launches may have trouble as well…  A rather odd pair of white dwarf stars are doing a very unusual dance around each other and the outcome may be the most unusual of them all!  Javier Bardem is Universal Pictures choice to play gunslinger Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower movie series directed by Ron Howard.  NASA’s Mars Odyssey entered it’s 10th year of continuous operation this week, making it the oldest orbital spacecraft still exploring the red planet, this according to NASA’s website. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has put together a short animation of the Curiosity Rover leaving Earth and landing on Mars and I have the video on the blog site.  I also put up a video of Martin doing outside test on the jet pack. Branson along with Chris Welsh will helm the Virgin Oceanic vehicle on five separate dives to the deepest points in Earth’s oceans.  Watch the animated video Virgin put together to demonstrate what they hope to acomplish.  Craphound mentioned the Beam Me Up podcast recently. I played Cory’s story Ghosts in My Head on episode 255 and he did the favor of mentioning the fact.  Hey if you haven’t heard the story yet, its the first story I played last week on episode 255.  Virgin put on quite a media blitz for the opening of Virgin America’s new Terminal 2 at the San Francisco International airport. In a short film on the blog site, we see White Knight and Space Ship 2 flying in close formation with the media junket jet that Virgin provided.  I have a short vid from SpaceX with animation showing testing of the New Heavy Lift System they have developed  and this thing is STRONG!  and last but not least, aviation pioneer Burt Rutan is retiring at 67.

The first story I play this week is episode 11 of the Dark InSpectre series by Jason Kahn and thing seem to be getting quite dicey for our favorite mind reading detective…., and I end this weeks program with part one of In Fall by Ted Kosmatka.  A very mysterious tale of two men on a ship on the brink of an endless chasm, on young, the other old and both prisoners of their belief.

Its a fast and entertaining hour.  enjoy!

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