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Beam Me Up #236 Bradley Brackett – Sayell + Home is where you left it pt2 – Chase


Well here we are again!  This week is episode 236 of Beam Me Up.  My engineer Phil is once again my foil.  I swear, every time I look into studio C he is eating something!  Just couldn’t resist this time.  And so…Bradley Brackett is once again on the schedule.  This week is episode 14 overall and part 2 of a brand new adventure for our stalwart adventurer.  The second story is the conclusion of Adam Chase’s Home is where you Left It.  In Part 2, Steve Cantrell travels into the hostile desert in search of the man who could bring death to everyone still alive from the colony.

From the blog at, CERN scientist enter the history books as they succeed in finally storing the antimatter atom of hydrogen.  Astronomers have discovered a gas giant planet orbiting an ancient red giant star, and if that isn’t weird enough for you, this planet is very likely originated in another galaxy!  Gustavo Bondoni’s Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places has been release by publishing house Altered Dimensions press, twenty two excellent short stories.  You may remember that Gustavo was last on Beam Me Up with his tale, The Elcano Syndrome.  I hope to get his story Evasion on the air as soon as possible,  which is from the collection.  Hopefully that story and a review of Tenth Orbit for next week’s program.  Keep your fingers crossed because Evasion is one of his best stories to date!  Space Shuttle mission STS-130 on 8 February 2010 delivered the module Cupola which host the distinct honor of being the single biggest port hole in space.  I found a picture of astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson floating before the port to give you an idea just how big it really is.  What a great view!  In 1979 something very rare took place. In the galaxy M100 approximately 50 million light years from Earth, a star exploded into a super-nova. A black hole was born in the remnant of the star, SN 1979C. What does that mean to us?  Well it is the first time that astronomers have been able to study a black hole from infancy!  Very exciting indeed!  Have you heard the most outrageous plan yet to explore and possibly colonize Mars?  This is the weirdest one yet.  Someone has made a proposal to send old people to Mars on a one way ride?!!!  No I am not making this up!  The reasoning is even stranger! And you won’t believe it!

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Beam Me Up # 231 MegaChicken pt2 by A.K. Sykora


Beam Me Up episode 231! As you can see, neither rain wind or….well you get the point, weather aside I have a brand new episode.  One I promptly misname 230…oh well, never said I had a clue.  This week though is just jam packed with good stuff.

Tim Sayell never missed a beat this month and so we are treated to part 1 (episode 13) of his new series of Bradley Brackett stories.  Captain Brackett is back and in great form.  Be prepared for Saturday serial goodness!   Our second story, at the bottom of the hour, is part two of A.K. Sykora’s mega-Chicken.  Tony Baggs little chick is not so little anymore.  Now, in a quest for food Mega-chicken brings Fifth Ave. to a grinding stop.  Everyone wants to do something different with Mega-chicken, including a strange bronzed skinned man with shoes on the wrong feet.

From the Beam Me Up blog ( Hubble snaps a photo of a possible asteroid collision.  I play the music Remains from the music video staring  Fran Kanz (a.k.a. Topher) and Dollhouse scriptwriter Maurissa Tancharoen, who also played the Active Kilo.  The music is from the first episode of Dollhouse, but rest assured this is not a Dollhouse video.  Kanz plays a man who buys a robot “companion” but even this in a throw away culture has unforeseen consequences.  If you are like me, then you are a fan of Warehouse 13 and consider it a fairly unique program.  Well I had a chance to watch some of the early episodes of Friday the 13th and as my comments reflect in this week’s blog, there was uncanny similarities!  And another short film  this week called Spaceman.  Tells the tale of a man hopeless lost in his own imagination and the woman who despite the mania would love him.  If only he could see through his imagination to the real person.  And finally I said that I wouldn’t do it, but I managed to take quantum physics to a surprising new low!  Who needs falling trees, and dead cats in a box or even two slits and a photon stream!  I may have gone a bit far….me?  naaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Beam Me Up # 228 Lucky-A.C.Ellis + Banned Books!


Beam Me Up episode 228 deals this week with Banned Book Week, which goes from September 25th to October 3.  It really is amazing the breadth of the books that  for one reason or another are on the list.   Titles like Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451,  Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography!   Steinbech’s Of  Mice and Men?  Unbelievable!  I speak about it at length because many of the works we consider classic science fiction are very prevalent on the list.  And its not just  religious organizations but political as well.  A friend once told me that if I wanted  to read a good book I had to look no further than the banned book list  to find  excellence.  I believe that more now than ever before.

Our stories this week should please just about any palette!   Author Sayell finishes up his Commander Bradley Brackett Arena of the Blood Moon arc with episode twelve.

Perfect ending for Saturday afternoon campy science fiction.  I honestly hope to hear  more from Commander Brackett in the coming months!

Our second story is part one of a short story from the very talented pen of A.C.Ellis called Lucky.   Without giving too much away, interment camps may be the future for  society’s undesirables as much as they were in the past.

I did start the program with my opinion of a non science fiction movie but every bit as entertaining “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”  in the science fiction anime venue,  the alternative universe or far flung future, The Sky Crawlers telling the tale of a seemingly never ending war and for all intents, pilots who would appear to be the same.  Plus an article on the possibility of something very near to a Wolverine type of skeleton.

I know from just sitting and talking, the hour went by very very fast.  I think It will prove to be something to entertain and to generate lots of interest.  Episode 228 of Beam Me Up.  Surely worth taking a listen to!  See you there.

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