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Beam Me Up #403 Mad World – Giles + Happy Ending – Jim Kelly

Dean Giles

Dean Giles









Welcome to BMU episode 403.

After my opening comments I start by playing the opening music to the great anime series East of Eden.

Then from the Beam Me Up Blog:

Twins in Space! or what does a 16 year old genius do in his spare time…why he builds prosthetic devices that’s what!  Marty McFly’s board possible?

Next part one of Dean Giles “Mad World”

Outer Space smells like a barbecue?  And how about some Star Trek trivia?

Then the story “Happy Ending”  by James Kelly

That the show.  How you enjoy


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Beam Me Up # 265 Memory con. – Michael Merriam





This week’s episode of Beam Me Up is 265!  As you know I am a fan of the ability of the web to bring together diverse talents to complete a project.  Mostly it is the ability of very talented producers to give us unique productions of well known song titles.  This week I start with a piece originally from the Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter, but this project brings together diverse instruments and vocal talents for a very rousing rendition.

From the Beam Me Up Blog  I review the animated feature Megamind.  A funny well animated movie with voice talents of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey.  From CERN scientist have seemingly done the impossible by trapping anti-hydrogen for an astounding 16  minutes!

Our story this week is part 2 and conclusion to Memory by Michael Merriam.  In the conclusion this week, Lucza Antreus finds out that what she want and what she has to do are not the same thing.  We learn the real reason that her home planet and the rest of known space has spiraled into chaos and the sacrifices that will have to be made to arrest and reverse what has taken centuries to build up to.  If you enjoyed part 1 then your going to really enjoy the conclusion!

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Beam Me Up #251 Utility of Love p2 – David Steffen



Beam Me Up episode 251 is non stop this week.  First I offer a new some from one of my favorite science fiction themed song writers, John Anealio.  John has released a new song called Angry Robot on his site  Sci Fi songs (

The first story of the week comes in the form of classic fiction from Waldo Boyd Titled “The Salesman”   I close this week with part two of David Steffen’s retelling of the Wizard of Oz theme called “The Utility of Love”.  In Part two we meet more of the cast of characters but there are some pretty major differences that leads the main characters in substantially different directions.  Articles from the blog ( this week:  A new Bladerunner movie is in negotiations, one of the most whacked cyborg I have ever seen documented,  some astounding discoveries concerning red dwarf stars, the Indian Space Research Organization has discovered a “giant underground chamber” near the Moon’s equator, in the Oceanus Procellarum area,  Syfy will start airing The Sarah Connor Chronicles on April 7; after the two-hour premiere, they’ll air four episodes a week on Thursdays starting at 7 p.m – SyFy will play all of the series 31,  a group of students and educators hoisted a camera on a weather balloon 100 thousand feet in hopes of capturing one of the last shuttle launches.  They were spectacularly successful!

All in all episode 251 is a quick and entertaining episode!

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Beam Me Up #235 Dark inSpectre – Jason Kahn + Adam Chase


Welcome once again to Beam Me Up.  This weeks episode is show 235.  Not a big week in science news, however I do think I make up for it in the stories that I play this week.  Our first story this week is the continuing Dark inSpectre series from author Jason Kahn.   In episode six, psychic inspecter Jack Garrett is haunted in the real and the metaphoric sense.   Garrett continues to put himself in situations that can cause great physical and psychological damage.  As he gets closer to the cause of some gruesome murders he finds that he is in danger of losing his life or worse – his mind.  The last story this week is part one of an Adam Chase story from Amazing Stories 1957, Home is where you left it.  In this story, Steven Cantwell returns to his childhood home planet after years away on Earth.  He finds the village where he grew up recently deserted and the communal well poisoned.   Steve tracks down the residents of the village, who had abandoned everything and headed into the desert in an attempt to cross it and get to safety before the planet’s native inhabitants discover their whereabouts.  Steve also finds out that the natives are not the only ones that are a danger to the villagers and ultimately may bring death to them all!

From the Beam Me Up blog at, I finally got a chance to see the restored version of Fritz Lang’s silent movie classic Metropolis.  With more than a forth of the movie restored, the movie takes on a very different tone.  Many of the scenes, that were edited out, are
so integral to  the film’s plot that the movie actually takes on a completely different meaning when viewed as Lang had intended.  It really is a must see.   Steven Davis mashed together scenes from several movies to create a fan made movie trailer for a movie possibility -Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.  If you enjoy Card’s Ender Wiggins stories than you will be wowed by this great effort!   Scientists don’t fully understand the dynamics however,  astronomers working with data from the Fermi space telescope were able to detect two enormous structures extending 25k light years above and below the galactic plane of our Milky Way galaxy.  The gamma ray globes may be very young, just several million years old and may have been formed by infalling mass on the galaxies super black hole at the center.  But with the odd shape and no evidence of a continuing jet, much more research needs to be done.  Sean Wainsteim created a very futuristic music video for the band You Say Party’s song, Lonely Lunch.  Wainsteim uses the crush of humanity as well as the constant noise and color mixed in with some of the weirdest sci-fi outfits to make a really attention grabbing science fiction short.  And AntipodeanSF issue 149 is online, and has to be one of the best collection of Australian flash fiction to date.

That’s what is in-store on this week’s podcast episode 235.  The hour goes by fast.

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Beam Me Up #233 Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies


Happy Halloween!  Episode 233 of Beam Me Up does up All Hallow’s Eve right!  First off, John De Lancie reads Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, and boy does this man own the poem for the eight minutes it takes to read it.  De Lancie’s performance is powerful and hi-lights facets that others have skimmed over and I guarantee that you will have a new appreciation for Poe’s macabre poem.  The last half of the hour is taken up by CrystalWizard’s reading of Colin P. Davies very spooky science fiction tale “Happy Halloween”.  CyberWizard Productions mixes this tale into one of the best stories we have had all year.  Many thanks to Mr. Davies for the story, CrystalWizards for an excellent read and Cyberstudios for an excellent mix.

From the Blog ( The Apollo 11 moon walk videos that were discovered recently have been restored and the results are exciting and stunning, the very odd beast known as a neutron star has a theoretical limit of about one and a half solar masses that was until a recent discovery that has shaken theoretical physics dealing with ultra dense material into possibly   rethinking or abandoned completely some theories completely!  Astronomers are trying to put an estimate as to the amount of Earth mass planets in our Milky Way galaxy and that number it would seem is in the billions!  Finally I review a waste of blu-ray medium.  Repomen Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker.  Someone should be ashamed of making or being in this film.  Those involved seemed to have taken a pay day and run.

Blog items that didn’t make this week’s program,  Buckeyball carbon atoms were thought to be rare or even completely theoretical.  Now, new findings have uncovered massive quantities around three dying stars.  How massive?  Trillions of tons is a gross understatement!!!   Has Film-maker George Clarke uncovered evidence of time travelers in a Charlie Chaplin film from the twenties called The Circus?  He seems to think so and his evidence is very compelling.  Check the video out and weigh in on the comment posts other readers have made concerning this strange clip.  and the SyFy channel may have killed Caprica but plans have been green lighted for a production of another Battle Star Galactica prequil.  Syfy will air Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome in late 2011 or early 2012.

So Enjoy Episode 233 and take a trip over to for the rest of the Beam Me Up news

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